Process Improvement

Process Improvement takes in many factors, from the simplistic approach of improving how a single product flows through production to an all-encompassing approach that includes methods referred to as “World Class Manufacturing or Lean Manufacturing. To take full advantage of the Process Improvements, Reliability Centered Maintenance or Total Productive Maintenance should be included.

The terms World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Reliability Centered Maintenance, and Total Productive Maintenance are but a few of the Buzz words that are circulating throughout many industries. But no matter what new catchy phrase might come along, each methodology is attempting to attain the same goal to reduce costs, waste, inventory, and breakdowns while improving quality, machinery reliability, customer satisfaction, and company profit.

It is our belief that the customer will be satisfied if they receive the product they want, when they want it, in the quantity they want, of the quality they want, and at a fair price. When the customer is satisfied, the profits will come. But before the customer can be satisfied, the systems must be in place to reduce costs, waste, inventory, and breakdowns and improve quality and machinery reliability.

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