3-D Modeling

3-D Modeling is a way to provide a visual display of the objects and scenes that they represent CAD using systems. Being able to show someone what something will look like is the most effective form of communication of new ideas and designs.  In 3-D Modeling we can design two or more parts or assemblies and see how they will fit/move before you build a prototype.  If any adjustments are needed the model can be modified without the expense of building prototypes.  Only after the model has been corrected and the virtual prototype confirmed does a physical prototype set build.  The physical prototype will still require real world testing.  And while it may still be necessary to go back and change the 3D model or the prototype, the process is usually quicker and cheaper than alternative methods.

3-D Modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object.  Through a process of 3D rendering, or in a computer simulation of physical phenomena, the image can be displayed as two-dimensional. These designs may be turned into metal using a CNC Machine.

We use are AutoCAD® and Autodesk Inventor; the most widely used 2D and 3D drafting and modelling software.  We can also provide design files formatted for CNC CAM use. Also see prototype development.

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