Do I need a Mechanical Engineer?

What is a Mechanical Engineer?

Many things that you will use today were designed and developed by a Mechanical Engineer. From the light switch you turned on, to the car you drive and, yes, even the coffee maker this morning. Mechanical Engineers are in industry, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, manufacturing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning), paper and power generation. Almost every product or service used today has probably been touched in one way or another by a mechanical engineer from the design to the process used to make it.

Why Do I need a Mechanical Engineer?

* Personal
Q. Do I need a Mechanical Engineer to add air conditioning to my existing house?
A. Not for an average house. If your house has over 6000 sq ft or there is a request from the Authority having Jurisdiction you may require a mechanical engineer.
Q. Do I need a Mechanical Engineer if I am doing a major renovation to my house?
A. Depending on the type of renovation, the Authority having Jurisdiction may require either a mechanical engineer or an architect to sign off on the work to be done.
* Business

If you are opening a business and there are items that may affect the public you may need engineering services, the type of engineering documents that may be required is dependent on the type of business you are opening.

Q. I am building a restaurant; do I need a mechanical Engineer?
A. Yes, but each situation varies as to the extent that an engineer is required. The building may play a significant factor; is it a new building, a renovation of the current building, or an building with an existing restaurant? The type of building can govern services requiring engineered documents.

Q. I am starting a retail business; do I need a mechanical Engineer?
A. Any time that you have any situation that could have an effect on the safety of the public you will require an engineer. This will be decided by the Authority having Jurisdiction .

Q. I am building a new warehouse or office building what will a mechanical engineer do for me?
A. The mechanical engineer will work with your architect to design the HVAC, plumbing and fire sprinkler system you need. The mechanical engineer will assist you to ensure your contractor complies with the design.

* Industrial

Q. Do you want to get the most production from equipment for the least cost?
A. A mechanical Engineer can create a maintenance program, such as a Reliability Centered Maintenance program, to define the maintenance requirements for any physical asset.

Q. Do I need Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)?
A. RCM looks at the business plan and determines how the performance and reliability of the equipment relates to the success or failure to meet its function. It quantifies the operating performance expectations of the equipment with respect to the business plan and defines how the equipment will be maintained to meet the expected function and operating performance.

Q. I have a process that has been used for years, why would I need a Mechanical Engineer?
A. A Mechanical Engineer can look at your process and tell you what needs to be changed to make it more efficient, or if a machine needs a different type of maintenance to make it work better.

Q. Have you found your plan upgrades exceed your budget or don’t work as expected?
A. A Mechanical Engineer can design your upgrades to ensure your expectations are achieved and the cost is known before you start them.

Q. I am starting a company that makes dimensional lumber. My equipment supplier says they can provide everything I need.
A. Yes, the equipment suppler can supply everything you need. Often the equipment suppliers are not familiar with local codes. Working with a mechanical engineer ensures you meet all the local codes and can provide you with a design suitable for suitable for acquiring several bids, ensuring for the best price for the work required.

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Whatever job you are taking on, you need to plan ahead to make sure that you know exactly what you want done. It will save you money and time if you know exactly where you want everything laid out (e.g. Plumbing, Electrical etc.). This makes it easier for whoever you have doing the work and for you if the work is not completed as requested. Check with the Authority having Jurisdiction to see which permits and other documents you need. They will let you know and you won’t be scrambling after everything is installed trying to get these documents before they will issue your occupancy permit.

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